How does the diode system remove hair?

This laser targets the pigment located in the hair follicle and shaft. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and this energy is converted to heat which results in damage to the hair follicle.

This damage causes delayed re-growth of hair and, in most cases, permanent destruction of many of the hair follicles. Unlike electrolysis, which disables one hair follicle at a time, the laser reaches and treats hundreds of follicles at a time.

The diode laser system safely and effectively treats all skin types (Skin Types I-VI) as well as tanned skin
The Diode Laser System’s Sapphire touch cooling provides for enhanced comfort during treatment, minimal risk of infection, speed and accuracy.
The Diode Laser System’s user-friendly operation screen, choosing the best parameters of pulse width and energy in accordance with gender, skin types and treatment area.

Do I need to grow the hair out before my consultation / treatment?

No, in fact we ask that you do shave the area you want treated. Shave the areas 2-3 days prior to the treatment. We are actually targeting the anatomical structures below the skin. Surface hair interferes with this process.

Unprotected sun expose or use of tanning beds or creams
Menstrual dysfunction
If you have used any mechanical epilation, waxing, plucking, threading, sugaring within 4 weeks
History of seizures
History of keloid and hypertrophic scar formation ” Active
Open lesions
Herpes I or II
Roaccutane/ Retin-A

Pre care
All patients must have a consultation prior to the procedure. They will be required to fill out a general medical questionnaire. At the time of the initial consultation the client’s skin condition and type will be properly evaluated and correct settings applied. These factors will be stored in the clients file for future reference.
Discontinue sun tanning and the use of tanning beds, self tanning creams 4 weeks before and throughout the course of the treatment
Discontinue exfoliating creams such as Retin-A 2 weeks prior to treatment

Post care
Avoid prolonged sun exposure and tanning beds
Avoid waxing, plucking, and mechanical epilation, its best to shave or trim the unwanted hairs during the course of the treatment
Always use a SPF 30 or greater sun block on all exposed areas Treatment related problems

Most side effects are mild and of short duration. There may be slight redness and/or sunburn sensation following treatment, lasting less than 24 hours in most people, on rare occasions it may last up to several days.

Possible side effects or complications may arise include, but not limited to:
Blisters- if a blister should form it is important to understand it is generally intra-epidermal and will heal with no scarring.
Pigmentary changes- such as lightening or darkening of the skin may occur. Most skin colour changes will rectify within 3-12 months ” Discomfort- pre-cooling can be applied to reduce the amount of discomfort
Prolonged redness and swelling- will usually resolve in 2-72 hours ” Scarring- is very rare side effect

Medical Grade Lasers – Silky Smooth Skin, Just a Cool Glide Away !
Lip & Chin $49
Cheeks $59
F/Face $79
F/Face & Neck $99
Lower Neck $59

U/arm $55
1/2 arm $129
3/4 arm $149
F/arms $209
Shoulders $99
Hands & Fingers $59
1/2 Back $250
F/ Back $269
F/Chest $199
Nipples $52

Bikini $69
Brazillian $79
Upper or lower legs $219
F/legs $359
F/Bottom $125
Stomach $139
Snail Trail $49
Feet & Toes $59